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Gamescom 2012: 11 Bit Studios reveals new games for iOS and Android

by: Travis -
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Along with Anomaly Warzone Earth for PlayStation 3 being showcased at Gamescom this week, 11 Bit Studios has revealed Anomaly KoreaFunky Smugglers, and Sleepwalker's Journey as new games in development for iOS and Android devices. Each of them are scheduled for release in a few months; their respective screenshots and trailers are attached below for your viewing pleasure.

Anomaly Korea is the sequel to Anomaly Warzone Earth that introduces a completely new campaign with an assortment of more units and player powers. The most quirky title featured in the announcement is Funky Smugglers that has gamers playing as the "grooviest airport security officer in the world" and scanning luggage for various contraband, which is set to a backdrop of 70s-inspired music tracks. Lastly, Sleepwalker's Journey looks to be a dreamy journey as players guide the protagonist Moonboy through various fantasy-inspired levels with environmental puzzles and stars to collect along the way. Further details can be found on the official websites for Anomaly Korea, Funky Smugglers, and Sleepwalker's Journey.