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EA DICE reportedly scraps Battlefield 3 for the Wii U

by: Sean M -
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According to a report from Gamespot, Nintendo's upcoming Wii U will not be receiving a port of Battlefield 3 as previously expected.

The termination of this project is reportedly due to a feud that EA DICE was having with Nintendo over the integration of Origin into the Wii U. That might actually be good news for those that dislike Origin as much as I do.

EA DICE had previously given encouraging words about the Wii U's tablet controller and how it would change the way it would be played. There was even the possibility that it would allow for Commander Mode to be brought back, but it appears that will not happen now.

Instead, EA DICE has reportedly merged the team developing the Wii U game with the team that is developing Battlefield 4, perhaps meaning that there will be a port of that game.