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Just how much does China love World of Warcraft?

by: Jeremy -
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A lot... and I mean A LOT. By a lot, I mean enough to warrant an arcade release of the world’s most popular MMORPG. A World of Warcraft arcade cabinet was recently shown off at the ChinaJoy China Digital Entertainment Expo. The machine(s) will allow players to take their Wow-adventure online in grand fashion.

Don’t expect to see these popping up in convenient stores and standard arcades. These machines were likely designed for play in online cafe’s and similar establishments. As Arcade Heroes notes, this isn’t the first time that popular PC games have made the jump to arcade housing; Counterstrike NEO was also given similar treatment in the past due to its popularity amongst players in the country.

If these were available in your area, would you be willing to run your raids from the comfort of these setups compared to your own computer?

Source: Arcade Heroes