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Fall of Cybertron demo available now

by: Mike -
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High Moon Studios is looking to capitalize on their succes with Transformers: War for Cybertron, in their highly anticipated sequel, Fall of Cybertron. To entice players waiting for the game and those with less knowledge of the approaching title, a demo has been released on XBLA and PSN.

Players will take control of Bumblebee in the game's first single player mission as he fights to save the Autobot starship under attack from the Decepticons. Vortex will also be playable in a non-linear mission, allowing plaers to change from helicopter to jet to robot as easily as pressing a button.

The new character creation of multiplayer will also allow players to take their recently created transformers into a team deathmatch or conquest multiplayer match in the demo.

If the August 21 release date of the full game seems excruciatingly far away, the demo is available now.