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Borderlands 2 now available for digital pre-order

by: Nathaniel -
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In my family, Borderlands was a bona-fide hit.  I played the **** out of it, my kids have played the **** out of it, my kids and I played the **** out of it together, and my kids and their buddies played the **** out of it together.

Borderlands 2 hits stores the week of daughter's birthday and we've had actual conversations about who exactly is going to "get" Borderlands 2 or are we both going to "get" it.

We're a console family though, so this Borderlands 2 news doesn't really affect us.  2K Games has announced that you can now pre-order digital version of Borderlands 2 for the PC, and if you haven't yet played the original Borderlands, you can pick up the whole game and all of it's downloadable content for 75% off until July 30 at participating digital retailers.

Read more about it all right here.