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Metro: Last Light E3 full demo

by: Nathaniel -
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I wanted to like Metro 2033.  It had all the qualites I like in first person shooters: it was story driven, it had fully animated weapons full of their own character, it was set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world populated by bad guys and monsters, and it was full of atmosphere.

Unfortunately it was also full of sleep inducing shooting, trial-and-error stealth, unnecessary hindrances in the name of realism (Why gas mask, why?), and the mortal sin of first person shooters - the swarming melee enemies.  **** I hate swarming melee enemies in shooters especially when the engine can't register actual melee contact and gives the melee enemies an area of effect so that even when they clearly don't touch you, you still take damage.  I ******* hate that, and Metro 2033 was full of it.  But I digress.

Whether or not Metro: Last Light fixes any of the issues I had remains to be seen; however based on the E3 demo, which is provided in its entirety below, it looks like the answer might be a big old "no."  Cobbled together weapons that function poorly? Check.  Hand-cracked battery charger?  Check.  Gas Mask?  Check (************!).  Quick moving melee enemies?  Double check.

Of course, despite all of that stuff, it still looks amazing, so I find myself torn over how excited I should be.  Watch it and judge for yourself - and also if you're into comments section trolling, baiting, and flaming as a spectator sport then make sure you read through the comments.  You won't be disappointed.

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