Origin leaks the announcement of Battlefield 4

by: John -
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It took about six years for Battlefield 3 to be released after the second game. Could we have the fourth game in a lot less time? When I mean a lot less we could be talking about half that time.

Seems Origin had a little snafu and posted banner for a pre-order of Medal of Honor Warfighter. Not that big a deal right? But, the sub title for that pre-order said you'd get access to the beta for Battlefield 4. Now, the beta could be years on down the road, but would they tease beta access for Battlefield 4 if it's more than a year off? Maybe.

I used to be a real big Battlefield player and was pretty excited for 3, but for some reason I couldn't get into it that much. Neither could a few of my other past Battlefield veterans. We played it, enjoyed it, but didn't stick around. I don't know. But, it's funny to see EA "leaking" about a fourth game when the third game isn't even a year old.

I hope they don't plan on releasing a new Battlefield too soon. DICE and EA should work on fixing the third game and making it better. Now, it's natural to start working on the next game in the series, but to take the Activision route of releasing a new game every year or two isn't the right way to go in my opinion.

The banner has been taken down, but we'll have to see how EA's going to handle this now that the word is out. You can check out the video of Origin before they took down the banner. I would like to know, where's a Bad Company 3 leak?

Thanks MP1st.