RUMOR: EB/Gamestop Wii Pre-orders

by: Dan -
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Yes, the internet rumors are true about EB/GS taking pre-orders for the Wii on Friday 10/13. 
HOWEVER, there is a big catch (according to my source).  EB/GS are ONLY offering the pre-order to those that pre-ordered any Wii games, will they will get a call tonight to come in and pre-order a console.  From my understanding, it will be up to the individual store Manager on who and how they let pre-orders occur after the above mentioned are satisfied, but after the 360 fiasco, stores are being watched like a hawk and playing it pretty much by the rules.  In addition, EB/GS is receiving fewer units for the Wii than first thought, which is why they are using this policy.
Bottom line is that if you want a Wii from EB/Gamestop, get yourself up there today to find out if that store is sticking with the policy of pre-ordered games only.
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