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Steam Summer Sale - Daily Deals for July 12

by: Travis -
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Today marks the beginning of the annual Steam Summer Sale by Valve that is host to numerous games marked down to ridiculously low prices. If you have a PC or Mac and have been waiting to buy a particular game, this is your opportunity to strike with fierce and terrible vengeance upon your wallet leaving any remorse you had behind.

As a friendly reminder to anyone seeking a particular game on sale is to wait till the title is featured as a Daily Deal or until the last day of the sale on July 22. Nearly every game on Steam is marked down with some percentage, but only when their featured as a Daily Deal will their prices become temptingly cheap. This year's summer sale introduces Flash Deals that only last a few hours for each day of the sale. Lastly, a voting system is in place that allows for the selection of a Community's Choice game to be marked down every eight hours. Follow me on Twitter for a daily selection of the best deals in the summer sale.

Daily Deals Pack Deals (On sale through July 22)