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Three new batches of Pictures and Themes hit Marketplace

by: Dan -
More On: Xbox Live
Three of the newest Xbox 360 games saw picture packs and/or themes become available on Xbox Live Marketplace.  Just Cause, NHL '07 and The Godfather all are getting the special treatment.  The List:
The Godfather (Available in all regions)
The Family Picture Pack – 160 points
Godfather Weapons Picture Pack –220 points
Godfather - The Don Picture Pack – 180 points
Mobster Theme – 150 points
Streets of NY Theme – 150 points
The Don Theme – 150 points
Hand Guns Theme – 150 points
Weapons Theme – 150 points
NHL '07 - (100 pts each, not available in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore or Taiwan)
Atlantic Division Picture Pack
Northeast Division Picture Pack
Southeast Division Picture Pack
Central Division Picture Pack
Northwest Division Picture Pack
Pacific Division Picture Pack
Just Cause (Available in all regions)
Picture Pack - 100 pts
Two Themes - 150 points
Thanks to Major Nelson for the info