Get another chance to get your face into Max Payne's multiplayer

by: Nathaniel -
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It's bad enough that your avatar gets shot in the face on a near constant basis when you play online multiplayer.  That wasn't enough for Max Payne 3, however.  They wanted your literal face to be the one constantly shot full of graphic holes, and they did this by selecting random people that use Twitter, then putting the ones that didn't have puke-faces in the game as avatars.

"But that promotion ended months ago", you say.

"It's back, I respond." 

That's right.  According to the Rockstar newswire, they will be once again trolling for those of you without puke-faces to help round out their stable of avatar face-skins.  This time, however, instead of trolling Twitter, they'll be trolling their own multiplayer with special Max Payne 3 multiplayer events.  Twice a week, for the next four weeks, you'll find them under the new "Social Club Event Playlist" heading.  You'll have to complete one full game with a Social Club-linked account first, then you'll be automatically considered.  

For full details, you can check out the article right here.