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Swedish independent developer Jonatan Söderström and graphic artist Dennis Wedin have announced a new collaboration effort under joint label Dennaton Games along with publisher Devolver Digital for development of their recently unveiled project, Hotline Miami. Described as "one of the darkest and most unusual independent games on the scene," Hotline Miami is a gritty top-down shooter that takes a great deal of inspiration from the 80s. Messages received through an answering machine will urge players to commit brutal acts of violence within a narrative of intrigue and mysterious twists. The bizarre experience will have gamers running and gunning through 20 multi-screen levels with the assistance of 35 weapons and 25 game-altering masks, which I gather from the trailer are heads of animals, for collection.

Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker described his reaction to the game as, "...hoping that Hotline Miami was a phone sex simulator," and that “The world is ready for an asynchronous phone sex simulation game. Trust me.” Curious gamers can discover for themselves what Hotline Miami is by calling +1-786-519-3708 or visiting @HotlineMiami on Twitter.

Hotline Miami from Devolver Digital and Dennaton Games is set to release "soon" for Windows PC and Mac with future console versions in the planning stages.

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