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Issue number 8 of the Hope News Times released!

by: Nathan -
More On: Hitman: Absolution
Its time for another edition of the "Hope News Times" covering strange incidents in the HItman: Absolution universe. No surprise this weeks edition is about the disappearance of 27 year old Tyler Colvin who went missing and cannot be found. If you have any information about his whereabouts, please contact that Hope News Times immediately! Im assuming you can remain anonymous

June 28, 2012 – IO Interactive A/S, a Square Enix studio, released a new edition of the “HOPE NEWS TIMES” covering the latest strange occurrence in town.

A string of inexplicable deaths have occurred all over Hope and on behalf of the local police, the HOPE NEWS TIMES asks for the help of all citizens. 27-year-old Tyler Colvin went missing and any information concerning his whereabouts could help.

HOPE NEWS TIMES is a weekly publication reporting the latest news from Hope, South Dakota, and reveals a brand new chapter in HITMAN: ABSOLUTION.

For additional Hope level assets, or to catch the latest edition of the HOPE NEWS TIMES, please visit:

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