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EVE Online updates Inferno to 1.1

by: Sean Colleli -
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Today CCP Online has their first major update for EVE Online's Inferno expansion. The update brings Inferno to release 1.1 and includes several new tweaks and enhancements. They've upgraded the Minmatar fleet to a new shader standard, improved various systems including War Declaration, Incursions and Factional Warfare, and they've done some tweaking on the camera and character customization. You can check out more info in this humorous video the developers compiled during their time at E3 this year.

EVE Online Inferno 1.1 - June 19
New release introduces a host of new features to gaming's largest universe

More content is on its way to EVE Online subscribers and trial users in the EVE Online: Inferno 1.1 release on Tuesday 19 June.

A brief overview from our development team comes your way as part of this E3/Inferno 1.1 recap video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RblUvkziO4A

The newly refurbished Inferno feature site includes further information: http://www.eveonline.com/inferno

Briefly, major additions include:

Upgrading the entire Minmatar fleet to new shader model standards (as well as the ubiquitous Caldari Drake)--almost 1/4 of the ships of EVE Online redone
Continued work on the War Declaration, Incursions, Unified Inventory and Factional Warfare systems
Improved camera functionality, more character personalization/clothing and Aurum purchas options

As always, a free 14 day trial can be found at www.eveonline.com