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Supposed documents leak on the next Xbox

by: John -
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Well, the documents were up but now they're gone so we'll have to turn to The Verge to get the juicy details. A 56 page document highlighting Microsoft's next console was available for a short time so let's run through some of the goods. We'll call it the Xbox 720 for now, but don't be surprised if the name changes. Also, this MIGHT BE COMPLETE FAKE but whoever did it spent a lot of time to fake it if it is. Also, a law firm that lists Microsoft as one of its clients had it taken down.

The thought is a 2013 launch will be it. On the entertainment side, the console's set to support Blu-ray, which is the current standard for disc based media viewing. After the failed venture with HD DVD and the constant denial of Blu-ray support for the Xbox 360, it looks like the next Xbox will get get Blu-ray support.  3D will be there as well with 1080P output.

Performance wise, they are aiming for a 6X performance over the current Xbox. This will be done through a scalable CPU in both cores and frequencies. There might also be three PPC cores at 3.2GHz each for backwards compatibility. Yep, Microsoft's thinking of putting in backwards compatibility for the next Xbox and I hope that it makes it through.

Kinect 2 is also looking to be bundled in with the console and it seems like it's going to allow up to four people playing at once. Even though I thought the voice recognition was pretty spot on, it looks like they are improving that as well with the next Kinect.  Props are also being touted, but I just want it to be as lag free as possible myself.

So how much will this all cost you? They are aiming at $299. Even with Kinect 2 bundled, a $299 price would be pretty killer in my opinion. Let's hope a lot of this rings true come next year.