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E3 2012: LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

by: Matt -
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LEGO games aren't exactly my cup of tea, even though I grew up loving those blocks and would spend hours on end building stuff, I just couldn't get behind the video games. That may have to change after seeing LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. The short demo I was given on the show floor showed a wealth of content that fans of the LEGO games are without a doubt, going to love.

Traveller's Tales had plenty available for gamers to toy with on the show floor, over 50 available characters, each offering their own unique experience. The demo I was given gave me a short look at Superman, Robin, and the Flash. Superman had all his trademark abilities in place but what was really impressive, was watching the city scale as he flew into the sky, the world is absolutely massive and has tons of stuff players can interact with, as the demonstrator switched over to Robin. Robin had a number of costumes that let him switch between different ability sets, in this case his acrobatic suit allowed him to scale large buildings and use poles to swing between jumps. Switching to Flash to wrap things up, combat was shown off as his forte, allowing him to deal a lot of damage quickly, but also get away quickly in a pinch.

The representation of Gotham City had a lot of life about it, with enemies and civilians running around all over the place. Players could also get in to cars, allowing them to drive around when playing as a character with less mobility, like Cyborg, who is modeled after his look in The New 52. 

LEGO Batman 2 will also feature drop-in drop-out cooperative play (a growing trend this year), and of course that LEGO brand of humor.   The game is actually available now on store shelves, so if you're a fan of the previous LEGO games, go check this one out. I think they might have finally sold me on their concept.