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E3 2012: Unchained Blades (Impressions)

by: Matt -
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The PSP is kind of on its last legs these days with the Vita out in the wild, but that also means it's the perfect time to swoop in and pick up some unique games to release in the states for users who love their older hardware. XSEED Games has done just that with Unchained Blades, a turn based JRPG that uses the old exploration system that is similar to games like Wizardry and The Dark Spire. Featuring a story about a dragon hell bent on getting revenge at a goddess that robbed him of his power, it seems like a great addition to their line-up of great PSP games, and a short demo by XSEED Games Localization Specialist, Thomas Lipschultz showed that this game is right up my own alley.

The combat system is like a typical JRPG turn-based affair. Players assign out their moves, attack, and enemies follow. The strategy comes from trying to weaken monsters enough so that they can be 'unchained' and made to join the player's party. Once the monsters have joined they player they'll follow and will sometimes jump in to the middle of combat to take damage for the player, which can be great in critical moments of battle. When players aren't in the midst of battle they'll be exploring a plethora of dungeons, filling in the grid-like maps to avoid pitfalls, and learning new skills with the 'Skill Map' that will remind players of Final Fantasy X's sphere grid.

The artwork in the game is a collaborative effort between fourteen different artists from franchises such as Lunar, Shining Force, and Summon Knight to name a few. The game itself has some great looking character and monster design and some great looking effects during combat. 

Unchained Blades is set for release on PSN and the Nintendo 3DS shop in the near future as a digital download only.