Max Payne 3's nightclub battle music available for download

by: Nathaniel -
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Max Payne 3 is one of the most music heavy shooters that I've ever played.  In fact, I don't think I've ever played a game where the driving soundtrack forced me to end a late-night gaming session simply because my sleep deprived brain could no longer handle the ferocious beat.  That's not a criticism, however, because as a whole, Max Payne 3's soundtrack is one of the best ever, but too much awesome is still too much from time to time.

If, for you, no beat can ever be too ferocious then you'll be excited to hear that today Rockstar announced that the full set of music created for the epic nightclub shootout, called Trouble in Brazil by Trouble & Bass, can now be streamed and/or downloaded via their Soundcloud player.

You can also pick up the Official Soundtrack Album from Max Payne 3 on iTunes right now.

Max Payne 3:  Download the TROUBLE IN BRAZIL Mixtape by Trouble & Bass as featured in the nightclub sequence

The music of Max Payne 3 starts with HEALTH’s acclaimed score and is ably assisted at key points with music attached to specific story sequences of the game. During the epic Nightclub sequence, NYC DJ collective and dance label Trouble & Bass step up to the decks.

As Serrano gives his Comando Sombra henchmen the signal to unleash hell on Club Moderno’s dance floor and Max puts down his lowball glass and picks up his PT92, you’re treated to a bass-driven DJ set teeming with energy and filled with Trouble & Bass' own funhouse collection of house, electro and fat low end.

We are now proud to release the full set created specifically for that sequence: Trouble & Bass’s ‘Trouble In Brazil’ Mixtape is now available for you to stream and download via our Soundcloud player.

Be sure to check out the Soundtrack feature page at the Max Payne 3 Official Website and the Rockstar Soundcloud page for much more from Max Payne 3's Original Soundtrack including a free download of the "Max Payne Theme" performed by HEALTH - the L.A. noise band who composed the soundtrack and score - a full length stream of São Paulo rapper Emicida's original hard-hitting track "9 Círculos", and snippets from all 27 tracks on the album.

The Official Soundtrack Album from Max Payne 3 is now available for digital download at iTunes along with a digital single for the feature track "TEARS" by HEALTH.