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E3 2012: Papo and Yo trailer shows off its protagonist's dreamscapes

by: Mike -
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Drawing inspiration from Creative Director Vander Caballero's childhood in South America and his relationship with his father, Papo and Yo is an upcoming PSN exclusive depicting a young man's journey through his own imagination. Along with him is a big pink monster aptly named Monster, who is addicted to poisonous frogs.

Minority aims to explore the intricacies of a Quico's, the protagonist, imaginaton, complete with aid and challenges alike. Every time his monster friend consumes another frog, he is thrown into a violent rage in which no one is safe. And yet, Quico is not afraid. He wants to help the monster. The innovative puzzle-solving will pit the duo against obstacles that can only be hurdled using both of the characters' abilities. Along the journey an emotional relationship will unfold between the two.

The game is set to release sometime this year on the Playstation Network.