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E3 2012: Power A Fus1on (hands on)

by: Chuck -
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Power A has been making some great third party controllers for the last few years including my personal favorite, the Pro Elite Wireless.  This week at E3 they showed off the Fus1on, their  new tournament grade controller. 

The first thing you notice about the controller is that the thumbsticks are fatter and shorter than what you usually see. The larger thumb sticks provides more surface area for your thumbs which gives you a bit more precision when moving them about.  The shorter sticks result in shorter throws for the sticks which makes them a bit more responsive.  The best analogy would be the short shifters you see in high performance cars with manual transmissions.

The second big feature of the Fus1on controller is that you can swap the grips  on the controllers between soft touch plastic and traditional hard matte plastic.  You can even mix and match them and have soft touch on the back with hard touch plastic ones on the front or vice versa. 

The controller also features the other usual Power A touches like the ability to change the color of the lights behind the button and tight, spring buttons.   The D-Pad has also gotten a lot of attention and feels rock solid.

I played a bit with the controller and found the bigger thumbsticks to be a nice addition and you can rest your entire thumb on the stick instead of just the resting the tips of your thumbs on it.  I'm not sure if this will result in less fatigue on my thumbs like the marketing material says but it did feel like I have a little more accuracy.    The shorter throws were also noticeable though they took some getting used to as it makes the sticks significantly more responsive.

Honestly it looks like Power A has got another great controller for gamers to check out and I'm looking forward to giving them more of a spin when the controller is released this holiday season.