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E3 2012: Arma 2 DLC

by: Sean Cahill -
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Say what you want about DLC being a focal point of the show this week, but the fact remains that a lot of it is for games that have a large following.  Following this tactic, Bohemia Interactive has announced expected DL for Arma 2 in the form of Army of the Czech Republic.  Adding in a brand new storyline to the main title, plenty of new weapons and features have been added in, along with some screenshots for everyone to admire and will their way to the third quarter, which is the expected release date.

Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic DLC project announcement

Prague, Czech Republic Monday June 4 2012

Bohemia Interactive, the award-winning independent Czech development studio, proudly announces Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic (A2: ACR), a brand new installment of the most authentic, diverse and open tactical military shooter series, Arma!

About Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic

A2: ACR features a variety of authentically modeled units and vehicles together with detailed environments, demonstrating the various roles and deployments of modern Czech Armed Forces across varying theaters of war.


The civil war in Bystrica is at its end. But it’s not the end of fear for the people. War criminals like Colonel Miyovic still terrorize the country with their militia looting and murdering civilians. Forces of the Czech Republic Army are sent to restore order.

After restoring partial order in Takistan; Allied forces were able to send in a small number of provisional reconstruction teams. Unfortunately local rebels are still planning operations to damage the reconstruction process. However, Czech forces are operating in the area and that should help change the status quo.

A2: ACR Key Features:

  • Czech Army - Bolster the Arma sandbox with a range of authentic Czech Army units and vehicles, including the L-159 Alca, Pandur II, and Dingo infantry mobility vehicle
  • Authentic Weapons - Pick from a range of new weapons, including those developed with Česká Zbrojovka a.s.: CZ 805 BREN, CZ Scorpion EVO III and CZ 75 PHANTOM
  • Diverse Missions - Deploy across 15 new missions in the singleplayer campaign, scenarios and procedural template gameplay modes
  • Verdant Environments - Explore the two new summer-season terrains: Bystrica and Bukovina

Bohemia Interactive´s CEO, Marek Spanel, added that: "We're very happy for the opportunity to bring this fantastic DLC which focuses exclusively on our home army, the Army of the Czech Republic. We want to use this opportunity to pay tribute to all those brave Czech soldiers who are risking their lives in service around the world.”

Pre-orders are available from June 4th at Store.bistudio.com

A2: ACR is scheduled for release exclusively for PC on Q3 2012.