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E3 2012: DMC (impressions)

by: Matt -
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     The Devil May Cry reboot has definitely been through its share of ups and downs. Thankfully it looks like Ninja Theory has got things fully under control. A short demo behind closed doors presented by Tameem Antoniades showed us a little bit more about the design direction that Ninja Theory has taken with DMC, and the short bits that were shown were shaping up to be something incredible.

     Dante's still got his trademark swagger, although it's a bit more of a youthful rebellion this time around. The demo had Dante heading in to a club to find the demon owner named 'Lilith.' After smashing the doormans face and putting his name on the list to get in, we're given a shot of the club, and electro dance nightmare that hammers home the dichotomy between heaven and hell, with some of the dancers dressed as angels, while some of the patrons were devils in disguise. Dante's presence has been noted by the club's proprieter, and she's not about to let Dante find the woman he's searching for, and so he must fight.

     Combat looks to be one of the things that Ninja Theory left to Capcom to handle as DMC looked like the Devil May Cry games of old, with a few new twists. Dante is able to do pretty much everything he was capable of in previous games, he just has more tools now to get things done. Along with his sword, Rebellion, he also carries angelic weapons and demonic weapons. In the demo we saw the angelic scythe weapon that is meant to juggle enemies and deal with large numbers of foes, with wide arcing attacks it is great for crowd control. On the demonic weapon side we saw a hefty axe, used to smash armored enemies and break shields. Dante also possessed a grapple move to bring him closer to enemies to keep those airborne combos going.

     The set pieces for the Limbo club were absolutely ridiculous, techno blared through speakers, while wavelengths pulsed in the background, the silhouette of a dancer could be seen in the backdrop. A shiny disco-ball showing the face of the club owner taunted Dante as he moved closer and closer to a four-armed statue of a goddess where the club owner waited. Her cheesey "Devil's Got Talent" game show overlays appeared periodically as Dante advanced through the stage, completing objectives that kept the demonstrator on his toes.

     In what seems like a great marriage between Western design and story and Japanese gameplay, DMC definitely looks like it will come together just fine. Those still on the fence can either see the game on the show floor tomorrow, or wait until the January 15th (2013) release date.