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E3 2012: Bandfuse- Rock Legends aims to take music games to the next level

by: Jeremy -
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If you thought that you had heard the last of the music / band genre of games you would be wrong. There is a new game on display at E3 going by the name of Bandfuse: Rock Legends that looks take make things a little bit more realistic than either Guitar Hero or Rock Band ever have.

Realta Entertainment’s Bandfuse brings together some of the biggest names in rock such as Slash, Pearl Jam, and Incubus for a realistic music experience. Launching on consoles in early 2013, the game will seamlessly connect real guitars, basses, and mics to your console to jam to a huge selection of hits. The game will also feature instructions and appearance by legendary rockers such as Slash, Zakk Wylde, and Nancy Wilson.