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E3 2012: Trine 2 expands on the Wii U

by: Jeremy -
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As announced yesterday at nintendo’s E3 press conference, Trine 2 is headed to Nintendo’s new console. It isn’t coming in its vanilla form though; the game will be released as Trine 2: Director’s Cut in time for the 2012 Holiday season.

The new version of Frozenbyte’s hit game will feature new enhancements and game modes exclusive to this edition. Included in the game is a new “Magic Mayhem” party mode which brings the frantic multiplayer of the base game into a new challenging environment.

The game will offer full online support for its online multiplayer modes as well, something that we don’t see too often on a Nintendo system. Frozenbyte is also stating that the game will feature the upcoming expansion pack that has yet to be released for the base game.

You can check out the first trailer for the game below: