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E3 2012: NCAA Football 2013 demo live

by: Mike -
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The NCAA Football 2013 demo is now available on Xbox Live and PSN. The demo allows players a glimpse at the improved Dynasty mode, and also allows them to plasy as a legend in Heisman Challenge. 

The Dynasty mode in the demo gives players the chance to play in three games during week 10 of the upcoming College Football season including:

Kansas State vs. Baylor
Oregon vs. USC
Alabama vs. LSU

Although players can step into the cleats at recent Heisman winner Robert Griffin III, history can be rewritten. With RG3, players can take to the field as quarterback of any of the six teams included in the demo.

Playing the demo before the game's July 10 launch will net players additional Heisman players as well as Nike Pro uniforms to sport on the field.