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E3 2012: Turtle Beach storms E3

by: Mike -
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Gaming audio pioneer Turtle Beach has revealed a batch of new products and agreements at their showing at E3 this week. 

In cooperation with treyarch, Turtle Beach has created the Limited Edition Call of Duty: Black Ops II Headset. The headphones will enhance audio specifically designed for one of the year's most anticipated titles, and come with bonus content and specs designed with specific groups in mind. The varied models and their features include:

Ear Force Tango: Bluetooth, wireless Dolby surround, and optimized presets make Tangp the top of the line model, with unique Black Ops II voice prompts and audio presets. Also has the newest dual band wi-fi tech, and up to 15 hours of uninterrupted battery life.

Ear Force Sierra: For those geared towards pro tournaments and competetive online play, Sierra is the way to go. The sound dampening and enhancing allows enemy footsteps to be heard more easily and also lowers the force of thunderous sounds on the battlefield. 

Ear Force X-Ray: Includes the aforementioned dual band wi-fi, Dolby surround, and 15 hour rechargeable battery.

Ear Force Kilo: A more affordable and casual audio experience, Kilo delivers with Bass Boost and quick microphone and earphone controls for chatting and stereo.

Ear Force Earbuds: Designed to block out other sounds, allowing the gamer to talk with friends on their phone, listen to music, or just tune out while they play.

In addition to its deal with Treyarch, Turtle Beach is working on a new line of headsets dedicated to the Wii U system. The headsets will also be compatible with the 3DS and DS, allowing optimal sound and chat for the new social aspects of the Wii U.