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E3 2012: Dollar Dash (Hands-on)

by: Travis -
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Often the goal in life that some either proudly proclaim or secretly hide is the ever-continuing quest to consume the most cash within the shortest time possible. Dollar Dash, from developer Candygun Games, creators behind Dead Block, and publisher Kalypso Media pits four players against each other in a hectic battle to grab or steal the most cash within a round. With three modes, 30 maps, and 20 weapons, the game will contain a variety of content for gamers to continually collect within matches.

Dollar Dash plays quite similar to other top-down arcade titles in which the character's movement and aim is controlled with the joysticks. The game boasts three game modes that all share the similar goal of collecting cash throughout matches. In the Dollar Dash mode, gamers simply grab cash from the ground and attempt to deliver it to a helicopter. However, obstacles of the environment, other thieves waiting to steal your cash, and a movement penalty for the amount of cash that a character holds each create dynamic scenarios within a match. The other game modes, Save the Safe and Hit'n'Run add further challenges for gamers in their quest for acquiring cash. The encounters experienced during a short match were quite dynamic with other players quickly altering their plan of attack from dashing for the cash to launching ambushes near the drop-off location.

A short introduction was provided to the in-game shop in which currency from matches can be used for character customization options, weapon upgrades, and perks. Some of the customization options included hats, faces, taunts, and even dances. The in-game cash be earned both through local and online matches, each containing support for four characters. Single-player is also available for gamers that wish to practice their skill before entering the dangerous realm of online multiplayer. Local drop-in-and-drop-out gameplay was a fluid experience that instantly produced an assortment of light smash talk and the usual expressions of grief and regret after a character died. Movement controls were a bit stiff, but can most likely be attributed to the E3 build and hardware.

Even after only a few minutes with Dollar Dash, it's easy to see the game as becoming an instant creator of entertainment between a group of friends. Dollar Dash will be available in the fourth quarter of this year for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, Windows PC, and Mac.