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E3 2012: ROCCAT

by: John -
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ROCCAT was at E3 to show off a few mice and an app they are working on. First up as the Lua.

The Lua is an entry level mouse that's got four buttons and is for both right and left handers. The 2000 DPI mouse has a blue ROCCAT logo on the back that can glow or pulsate. A soft touch coating covers the top while the side has a no sweat coating for those long gaming nights.

The mouse wheel feels very nice and has a great click feedback to it when rotated. With the drivers, you can set up to 7 DPI settings that can be quickly cycled through with a push of the button on the Lua. The DPI settings are at stages that you can choose so no customization in that area.

With a small size, the Lua is sure to be great for those with small hands and the price will be $39.99 and available in July.

The KONE XTD is their third KONE mouse and it's getting some nice updates for a October release. Externally, it's going to be the same size and shape of the previous KONE with some minor adjustments. The ROCCAT logo is changed a little bit and the cord is now braided versus the smooth rubber the other one had.

An updated optical sensor at 8200 DPI is onboard and you'll be able to pick and choose up to seven DPI settings that you can step through.

On top are four multi-color LEDs on various parts of the mouse that you can adjust through the ROCCAT drivers. From what color each one emits to various color effects such as pulsating, you can customize the KONE XTD to your liking on the color front. The colors can also serve as a visual indicator of certain events.

The KONE XTD supports up to five profiles and they can be loaded based on an executable that’s specified. For example, you can have a profile setup for a game like Diablo 3 and have it loaded upon the start of the game and a different profile could be setup to load when you start Call of Duty.

The KONE XTD supports a nice little feature called EASY-SHIFT where you can set one button on the mouse that acts as a “shift” function. When in used in combination with another mouse button, it can issue a different command. So you can turn a the KONE XTD from having 12 different functions to 22 different functions. You can set one of the keyboard keys to act as the EASY-SHIFT button, but you’ll need ROCCAT’s keyboard to enable this. Either way, the EASY-SHIFT feature’s a nice option for getting more functionality out of the KONE XTD.

The KONE XTD is scheduled for an October release and will retail for $89.99.

Finally, ROCCAT showed off their upcoming free app that’s set to give you a nice companion program for your computer. The Power Grid is a mobile app that will let you control some functions, get a read on your computer settings, and keep tabs on various social media sites.

The first three tabs on the app are set and they can hook into sites such as Facebook and Twitter or keep tabs on Skype or Teamspeak messages. The second tab will give you computer diagnostics such as temperature, memory availability, and CPU usage. The third tab will let you control volume and music playback. Finally, the last tab will be completely customizable by you on what you want to do.

Basically, just drag and drop various widgets to the last tab to create a custom configuration that suites your needs. You can issue commands in game as well. Imagine a truly customizable keyboard, but using your smart phone. You’ll even be able to build your own widgets to add to your layout too.

One of the things ROCCAT is exploring is to have a dock on one of their future keyboards that will let you slip your smartphone in and act as a Optimus-like keypad as well as charge your phone. It’ll be interesting to see how they accommodate phones of various sizes and shapes though.

The Power Grid is only for iOS for now, but Android is on the way as well as a Windows Mobile version. It’s great that it’s free and it looks great to boot.

I’d like thank ROCCAT for taking the time out of their busy schedule to lead me through the two mice and Power Grid.