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E3 2012: Scribblenauts Unlimited trailer and screens

by: Jeremy -
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As announced at the Nintendo press conference earlier today, developer 5th Cell is bringing the Scribblenauts franchise to the home consoles in the form of Scribblenauts Unlimited. In addition to being released for the Wii U, the game will also make its way to the Nintendo 3DS and PC platforms.

The new game is will take the series into new territory by removing the boundaries that had been placed on players recently. This time around, you will only be constricted by the bounds of your own imagination. The Wii U and PC versions of the game will feature an object editor that allows players to craft their own unique objects for summoning in the game. These creations can then be shared with the world online.

You can check out the first trailer and screenshots of the game below. Scribblenauts Unlimited is planned to launch on all 3 platforms this Holiday season.