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E3 2012: Pikmin 3 revealed for Wii U

by: Jeremy -
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Miyamoto has finally revealed the third installment in the Pikmin series for Nintendo’s new Wii U console, Pikmin 3. The new game will feature new types of Pikmin and the ability to have your Pikmin gather resources for building things such as bridges.

The game will utilize the Wii U Gamepad as a perpetual map of the game, eliminating the need to take up screen space with a mini-map. The game also features support of numerous leaders as Captain Olimar is no longer the lead character; now there are 4 space leaders who will control all of the Pikmin simultaneously.

The game will feature numerous modes in addition to the standard adventure such as a challenge mode and competitive multiplayer options. No release window was given for the game, though it looks very far along in the development process.