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E3 2012: Sony reveals Wonderbook

by: Jeremy -
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Sony has just revealed a new PlayStation Eye / Move game entitled Wonderbook. The game brings an actual storybook to life using the PlayStation Eye camera and augmented reality. The capabilities of the software is meant to be more of a platform than it is a single title. Numerous developers have shown interest in the Wonderbook platform and are planning a variety of entertainment and educational “books” for the platform. It was also revealed that famed author J.K. Rowling has come on board for the first title to be released on the Wonderbook platform. Book of Spells was revealed which puts players into the world of magic made famous by the Harry Potter series. 
I am dying to get this for my daughter. Bravo Sony! Wonderbook and its first release, the Book of Spells, will be released this Holiday season. You can check out the first trailer for the project below: