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E3 2012: XCOM: Enemy Unknown gets it's E3 trailer

by: Chuck -
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When I was in college many, many moons ago the first XCOM game was released and my GPA took a bit of a nose dive as time spent studying was converted  into fighting off the alien hordes (hey, someone had to do it).  I have a feeling that XCOM:Enemy Unknown is going to do that exact same thing to my evening hours as the game is going to scratch exactly that same itch.  It also doesn't help that the game is being developed by the folks at Firaxis who happen to know a thing or two about the phrase "Just one more turn".    

Here's the new E3 trailer which looks fantastic from the design of the aliens to the actual combat.  I'm also digging what they are doing with the research lab and base construction.  Travis and I will be checking out the game on Thursday so check back on Friday for our thoughts on the game.  Until then enjoy this wonder little video.

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