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News Roundup: Desperate Housewives Splinter Cell

by: Randy -
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Don't thank us.  Thank Atomic Gamer, MMORPG.com, and 3DXtreme.

  • Feeling "forced" out?  No?!  Then you get the Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption demo.  Skywalker Texas Rangers rejoice! [AG]

Trailers, Screenshots

  • Mmmm.  Men in skirts and spiky shoulder pads.  Pompolic: Call for Heroes' trailer #2. [AG]
  • Tear the club up, thug!  Here's a Sega Golf Club trailer. [AG]
  • Realism?  You can't handle the realism!  Splinter Cell: Double Agent declassifies its Realism trailer. [AG]
  • Signs of the Coming Apocalypse #368: Desperate Housewives has got a video game trailer.  Thanks, but no thanks. [AG]
  • Battlefield 2142 gets a vehicles and infantry set of trailers. [AG]
  • Check out some pics for Elven Chronicles and Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire. [AG]
Reviews, Reports
  • Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines sucks out a v.3.0 unnoficial patch. [AG]
  • Heh, remember the world's fastest talking guy doing those Micro Machines commercials way back when?  Anyway.  Micro Machines V4 gets a 1.01 patch. [AG]