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E3 2012: Microsoft reveals Xbox SmartGlass

by: Jeremy -
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As rumored previously, Microsoft has revealed Xbox SmartGlass at their E3 press conference. Xbox SmartGlass will link all of a users various mobile devices with their home entertainment consoles, allowing seamless integration between devices. Examples for shown of videos being transferred between various devices in a matter of seconds, allowing users to pick up on one device where they left off on another.

In terms of gaming, the project was shown to have Wii U like uses, giving players another means of interacting with their favorite titles. Using a Windows powered tablet, the user is able to call plays in Madden and interact with Halo Waypoint in real time while playing their games on the 360.

The best part is, Xbox SmartGlass will work on more than just Microsoft’s tablets, but nearly any modern, mobile device. Xbox SmartGlass will launch as a mobile application later this Fall.

Personal note: Sorry Nintendo, you just got served!