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E3 2012: Rise above the competition

by: Mike -
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Power A unveiled their newest tournament-legal controller, the FUS1ON. The company consulted current pro gamers to ensure that their newest creation amplified the skills of the user.

The controller's features include:

Analog Control: Improved accuracy and response time from the analog sticks.
Custom Analog Stick Design: Elimininates thumb fatigue during long hours of gaming.
Precision D-Pad: Precise 8-way control for pro gamer needs.
Durable Action Buttons: Improved accuracy and longevity with tested materials.  
Multi-Color Illumination: Multi-color illumination effects for analogs and action buttons.
Interchangeable Grips: Soft Touch and Matte, both with their own styles of comfort.
Braided 9.8 Foot Cord: Wired to avoid latency, also tournament regulation.
Protective Travel Case: Stores and prtects the FUS1ON controller during travel.

The FUS1ON will be available in both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.