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E3 2012: Brick-Force prepares to shift into open beta

by: Jeremy -
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Infernum has announced that it’s “Minecraft-with-guns” sandbox shooter Brick-Force is about to make the shift into a final, open-beta phase. The transition to this final beta will also bring a slew of changes and updates to the game.

The game will begin transitioning to an open beta over the course of the next few weeks. There will be a variety of new modes revealed for the game as E3 rolls on this week; among those coming to the game include a new “Defense” mode modeled in the same vane as Gears of War’s Horde mode and new types of bricks to use in the game.

The final version of the game is expected to release later this Summer. You can keep an eye on the official page at www.Brick-Force.com for more updates.