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CD Projekt RED announces new project

by: Nathaniel -
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Cyberpunk 2020.  Does that mean anything to you?  If you answered "no" then obviously your nerd card doesn't have enough holes punched out of it as it should.  

It certainly means something to CD Projekt RED, because they've chosen the old pen and paper RPG property to adapt into their next mature triple-A RPG.  In fact, they've already been working on it for a while.  Of course, don't expect that to mean it will be out before the heat-death of the universe or even shown at this year's E3, because apparently it won't be.  

Whenever the game does get shown, we can expect to see a futuristic world and character classes with a distinctly cyberpunk (with a lower-case "c") feel to them, such as "mercenary" and "hacker."  Also, we can apparently expect moral choices and a world that changes based on our decisions just like they did in the Witcher 2.  Yay.

The game has no title, no release window, and no announced platforms to appear on, but you should be excited anyway.

[via: beefjack.com]