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New Magicka DLC lets you play as the bad guys!

by: Nathan -
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You love playing as the bad guys in videogames dont you? Come on now, don't lie. I know I do. Well If you ever wanted to play the bad guys in Magicka then you will get your chance shortly as new DLC will be available soon that as you would expect, lets you play as the villains.

Titled "The Other Side of the Coin" this DLC pack allows players to take the role of Alucart (gotta avoid copyright) the Vampire, and his henchmen, The Necromancers. Alacart and his crew will be attempting to destroy the already shaky relations between humans, dwarves and elves.

The DLC pack will also include 4 new challenge maps, new achievements, Necromancer based PVP and more. 

The DLC will cost you $4.99 and wont be released until June 14th but until then check out this video of the DLC 

Magicka DLC “The Other Side of the Coin” Coming June 14th

New Content Expands Story, Challenges, and Raises Bar for Most DLC Available for One Game

NEW YORK — May 29, 2012 — Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios have begun to realize that Magicka, their award-deserving four-player spell-em-up, presents several opportunities for in-game malice. While Magicka is ostensibly a co-op title, there are plenty of players out there who have realized that not every death at the hands of their fellow wizards is necessarily accidental. In response, Paradox Interactive is proud to announce The Other Side of the Coin, a new DLC adventure developed in partnership with Pieces Interactive, allowing players to take on the role of the bad guys. Well, the deliberately bad guys, anyway. Would-be villains will take on the role of Alucart the Vampire as he and his henchman, The Necromancers, fight against the forces of good as they attempt to sabotage already terrible relations between humans, elves, and dwarves.

Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin is scheduled for a digital download release on June 14th for $4,99.

• Play as Alucart the Vampire and his henchmen, the Necromancers
• One exciting new story challenge set among beautiful new elven architecture
• 4 new challenge maps playing as necromancers: World's End, Volcano Hideout, OSOTC Arena and the Mirror Crystal Cavern Hideout.
• Necromancer introduced to PvP
• New achivements
• Innovative and dynamic spellcasting system with thousands of possible combinations
• Up to four player co-op in all game modes as well as single player option
• Experience the parody and satire of a cliché fantasy world