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RUMOR: Could Sony be implementing cloud gaming? Announce at E3?

by: John -
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OnLive and Gaikai are two pretty good cloud gaming services and one could be heading its way to your Sony hardware. VG247 is reporting that Sony will make an announcement at E3 about one of the two striking a deal with the home of the PlayStation.

As a user of OnLive on my Android tablet, it's a pretty solid service that allows you to play some great games without having to spend the money on the hardware of say, updating a PC. It's not nearly as nice looking as it would if it was running natively, but for those that want to game on the go or want to save a few bucks, it's a pretty viable option.

Having OnLive or Gaikai available to those who are using a PlayStation 3, Vita, or even a Sony TV would be pretty nice. The question is though, what are the details and if there would be any savings at all if this deal be in place.