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Rumor: Nintendo has modified the Wii U controller

by: Dan -
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It looks like Nintendo made a few modifications to that big old Wii U controller that they showed off at E3 last year.  Apparently, a Twitter account (@MATTYBOOSH ) that has been tied back to Q&A Tester at Traveller's Tales Games (developer of LEGO and Disney Interactive Studios titles) tweeted an image of what appears to be a revised Wii U controller with some minor modifications.  According to the excellent comparison images put together by Hollander Cooper at GamesRadar,  several changes have been made to the version in the picture that differs from what was show at the 2011 E3.  I attached the images below, but here are some observations:
  • The analog “nubs” like the 3DS have been replaced by actual stick like the Wii’s nunchuck
  • The start and select buttons have been moved to the right side instead of around the Home button at the bottom
  • Wii U logo has been added
  • A couple of unidentified squares under D-Pad and next to the power button
  • Two connections out of the top, one is probably power (looks like DS charger cable) and the other is unidentified
  • The bottom looks slightly different
  • Mic moved to left of Home button from right side
Is this the finished product that will be revealed at E3 in a couple weeks?  I guess we will find out the first week of June.

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