Sony reveals Inafune-san’s latest creation

by: Jeremy -
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Fans around the world have been anxiously waiting to see what Keiji Inafune had up his sleeve since departing Capcom back in 2010. Well, wait no more; the veil has been lifted on Inafune’s project and it is Soul Sacrifice for Sony’s Playstation Vita! The game was recently revealed in Japan via Famitsu magazine.

Soul Sacrifice is the result of a collaboration between sony Studio Japan, Marvelous, and Inafune. The game pits players inside of a book that is actually a demon; throughout the game you will relive the various battles and events that transpire within the pages of the book, all in an attempt to free yourself. As a magical being, the book will grant you additional abilities and powers... but only for a price. If you want something, you are going to have to give something, and by “something” we means parts of your body. You will need to sacrifice physical parts of your own being in order to acquire greater power and abilities.

The game will also feature cooperative multiplayer for up to 4 players. These details are a bit sketchy at the moment, as they are all coming from a variety of translations from the recent Japanese reveal. Knowing Inafune-san’s vision of gaming and his beliefs, it is a no-brainer that the game should be heading stateside some time in the future, as he would have it no other way. In the mean time, check out a variety of art, images and the reveal trailer for the game below and see just how twisted the world of Soul Sacrifice can be:

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