It's time to form, recruit, or join a Rockstar Social Club Crew.

by: Nathaniel -
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Max Payne 3 comes out in less than a week.  Its multiplayer is the first Rockstar-developed game to feature player-created "Crews."  Crews are persistent player-driven gangs that will eventually operate over several Rockstar games.  Whenever you play a part of a Crew or against a rival Crew you gain an XP boost.

Starting today, you can visit your Rockstar Social Club page and from there you can apply to join an already existing Crew or form your own.

For the creative types, there is a robust emblem editor that will allow you to create the perfect badge for your Crew.

If you create a Crew in between now and Tuesday May 15th, you'll be honored with a Founder Crew designation in the form of a special two-stripe patch for your Crew emblem.  

Now I just have to decide which one of the great houses of Westeros shall form the basis for my Crew.