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News Roundup: The Mark of Doom

by: Randy -
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Thanks to Legit Reviews, Killers Betties, and Atomic Gamer for the -- hyah, mule! -- News Roundup.

Reviews, Editorials
  • Now you can run your own company -- Company of Heroes.  See why Atomic Gamer wants to hand it an award in this review. [AG]
  • Nobody's cooler than the guys at Legit Reviews.  Why?  Here's their review of the AeroCool Xfire Heat Sink Fan. [LR]
  • They also review the Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard: "...It led the way in quite a few of the benchmarks that we used..." [LR]
  • "The Effects of World PvP in World of Warcraft" is the topic up for debate this week at MMORPG.com. [MMO]
  • Get your Metal Fingers on this review of Doom, out now on Xbox 360 Live Arcade. [AG]
  • It's all about One Love and World Piece, y'all.  Killer Betties review One Piece: Grand Adventure for the PS2. [KB]
Trailers, Screenshots, Patches
  • Mage Knight Apocalypse gets a post-apocalyptic patch: v.1.01 Direct2Drive, or regular v.1.01. [AG]
  • Tabula Rasa wipes the slate clean with a new movie trailer. (I may have used that punchline before, but anyway.) [AG]
  • The Mark of the beast packages up a short and long trailer.  But remember: If you don't watch one, then the terrorists win. [AG]
  • Here are screens from Lux, the game that's having a "Luxtoberfest."  Catch the news post below. [AG]
  • And here are screenshots for the Multisyllabic Game of the Year, Penumbra: Overture. [AG]