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News Roundup: DEFCON Pizza Panic

by: Randy -
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Thanks MMORPG.com, Legit Reviews, and Atomic Gamer for today's news roundup.

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  • MMORPG.com was in Suwon, South Korea, to report on the Game & Game World Championships 2006 Grand Finals where players from 64 countries played Gunbound, Silk Road Online, and Shot Online. [MMO]
  • While at the GNGWC, they also snagged interviews with Silk Online's Jung-Hun Kwag, and took plenty of shots photojournaling the event. [MMO]
  • The non-combative MMO, Seed, closes its doors after only a few short months.  Here's an open letter from the CEO of developer Runestone. [MMO]
  • Legit Reviews was all over the Intel Developer Forum 2006.  Here's coverage on some of the companies LR works with. [LR]
  • Lineage II is conducting a Remix Contest for the musical scores in the game.  Read the rules, and see if you can deejay your way to a new iPod. [NCsoft]
  • Atomic Gamer rates Disgaea 2 in the A+ range.  Read what you've been missing. [AG]
  • ArchLord is wrapping up the Beta and getting ready for gold.  MMORPG.com gleans out a Q&A session. [MMO]
  • Start downloading this now!  It's the DEFCON demo.  And, yes, everybody dies.
  • Turn-based sci-fi strategy, Romanians in Space, undocks a demo for you spacefaring types. [AG]
  • Or if you want your sci-fi space combat a little more squad-based, download the Arvoch Conflict demo. [AG]
  • Some 2-D platforming action is cooking up in the oven with the Mac and Windows demos of Pizza Panic. [AG]