Mayday! Mayday! These prices are going down!

by: Nathaniel -
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European videogame retailer Get Games is offering a huge discount on select games tomorrow for May Day

So even though you still have to work because your boss doesn't recognize "they get the day off in Europe" as a real religion, you'll at least get to partake in Get Games's May Day sale on the following selected titles.

The Club - $2.00
Commandos Complete - 80% off
Serious Sam 3 PC & Mac - 75% off
Aliens vrs Predator - 75% off
Deus EX HR Augmented - 75% off
Dues EX HR DLC - 75% off
F.E.A.R 3 - 75%
Cities XL 2009 - 75% off
Kings Bounty Platinum Edition - 75% off
Worms ReLoaded - 66% off
Football Manager 2012 PC & MAC - 50% off