Intel for 007 Legends to show up on Facebook

by: Sean Colleli -
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I'm pretty intrigued by Activision's next James Bond title--007 Legends--and I'm eager to get more details on the mysterious new title. We already know it's being developed by the same team at Eurocom that made the excellent GoldenEye remake in 2010, and suposedly 007 Legends will have a story comprised of scenes from six classic Bond movies, but other concrete info is scarce.

Fans eager to learn more might be able to suss out sensitive intel at the game's official website and its Facebook page. I might just have to take a crack at whatever ARG they're planning particular, I'm curious as to whether Eurocom is updating older Bond movies to Daniel Craig's era as they did in the GoldenEye remake, or if they'll be letting us play as veteran Bonds including Sean Connery, Rodger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan.
Gamers who believe they have what it takes to enter the stylish, sophisticated and dangerous life of a world-class undercover agent can gain inside intelligence on 007™ Legends by visiting the game's official Web site - - and Facebook page - Each week, visitors to have the opportunity to win rewards, collect in-game perks and unlock information about the game, including which six Bond movies make up 007 Legends' storyline. Fans will discover numerous ways to uncover the clues to win prizes, giveaways and rewards, including a chance to get in the game. To find out more about the 007 Legends community, watch

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