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Get Ready To Bring Down The Lightning. New Planet Side 2 Vehicle Revealed

by: Nathan -
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SOE gives us the lowdown on Planet Side 2's newest vehicle Lightning. If you are the kinda player that likes speed and air support then it sounds like you might want to give Lightning a go. Lightning is quoted as having "the most effective ground-to-air weapon on the battle." Sounds like a good vehicle if you are the kind of person that likes to provide support for your team. I wouldn't reccommend trying to one man army the other team with Lightning as things probably wont end well. 

Attention Recruits:

New information has been discovered regarding a new Nanite Systems vehicle, Lightning. This light weight 75mm tank is designed to take advantage of a war without death, and intel shows it is quick, requires few resources to obtain and only needs a one man crew. Here's the breakdown of the vehicle; study and be ready to use in battle.
Capable of firing up to six rounds in under three seconds, allowing the driver to quickly adjust their aim after their first shot
Designed to have a modular turret that can be completely swapped out for other turrets types
Its "Skyguard" turret is the most effective ground-to-air weapon on the battlefield, as it's fitted with 40mm cannons with an elevation range of 80 degrees
Fastest ground vehicle, besides the quad, making it difficult to out run it
The only weakness the tank seems to have is that it cannot survive a direct confrontation against a main battle tank -- prepare to exploit this in combat.

The Lightning tank will be available to all three factions. For more information on the cannon, visit:

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