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MLG releases details for the first Fighting Game Arena on April 28th

by: Russell -
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A couple days ago, Major League Gaming released the seeds and pools for Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V, the two games players will be competing in at the first Fighting Games Arena on April 28th (I would have posted it then, but had issues getting the info to post correctly).  The competition will take place live on the 28th from 2:00 PM to 9:45 PM EST.  To watch, simply go to www.majorleaguegaming.com/live.  Read on for more info including the participants for each game.
Major League Gaming (MLG) released additional details including players, casters and broadcast times for the first-ever MLG Fighter Arena featuring Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V on the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) system. The competition will take place this Saturday, April 28 from 2:00-9:45pm ET as the top 8 finishers from the Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V tournaments at the MLG Winter Championship compete for $3,400 in prizes for each game.

Fans can watch the broadcast LIVE online via two streams at majorleaguegaming.com/live. Stream 1 will feature constant gameplay cast by Juicebox Abel, Tom Brady, and Bibulus. SD viewing will be free and HD viewing passes are available for $4.99 at: https://secure.justin.tv/mlgfighters/subscribe/153/signup. Stream 2 - The Dr Pepper Ultimate Access stream, hosted by Gootecks, will be free and will feature behind-the-scenes coverage, interviews and more.

The 16 Players and seeds are as follows:

Mortal Kombat Pool A Seed   Mortal Kombat Pool B Seed
vVv_CDjr 1   vVvREO 2
riu48 5   KT_Smith 6
kndetroitballn 8   KnCrazyDominican 7
Soul Calibur V Pool A Seed   Soul Calibur V Pool B  Seed
Keev 1   rtd_atl 2
Something-Unique 4   Shin_RyuJin 3
wing_zero012 5   LostProvidence 6
ilTokyoli 8   Kayane 7

The broadcast will run from 2:00 – 9:45pm as follows:
2:00 PM   Keev vs ilTokyoli
2:15 PM   rtd_atl vs Kayane
2:30 PM   Something-Unique vs wing_zero012
2:45 PM   Shin_RyuJin vs LostProvidence
3:00 PM   Keev vs wing_zero012
3:15 PM   rtd_atl vs LostProvidence
3:30 PM   Something-Unique vs ilTokyoli
3:45 PM   Shin_RyuJin vs Kayane
4:00 PM   Keev vs Something-Unique
4:15 PM   rtd_atl vs Shin_RyuJin
4:30 PM   wing_zero012 vs ilTokyoli
4:45 PM   LostProvidence vs Kayane
5:00 PM   1st Place Pool A vs 2nd Place Pool B
5:15 PM   1st Place Pool B vs 2nd Place Pool A
5:30 PM   FINALS

6:00 PM   vVv_CDjr vs kndetroitballn
6:15 PM   vVvREO vs KnCrazyDominican
6:30 PM   CURBOLICOUS vs riu48
6:45 PM   VSM_Maxter vs KT_Smith
7:00 PM   vVv_CDjr vs riu48
7:15 PM   vVvREO vs KT_Smith
7:30 PM   CURBOLICOUS vs kndetroitballn
7:45 PM   VSM_Maxter vs KnCrazyDominican
8:00 PM   vVv_CDjr vs CURBOLICOUS
8:15 PM   vVvREO vs VSM_Maxter
8:30 PM   riu48 vs kndetroitballn
8:45 PM   KT_Smith vs KnCrazyDominican
9:00 PM   1st Place Pool A vs 2nd Place Pool B
9:15 PM   1st Place Pool B vs 2nd Place Pool A
9:30 PM   FINALS

Following the Arena, the season will culminate with the Spring Championship June 8-10 at the Anaheim Convention Center where the top gamers will compete playing Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur V, and KING OF FIGHTERS XIII on PS3. Format details, prizing, rules and competition formats for each game will be announced in the coming weeks. Venue spectator passes for the Spring Championship are available now and competitor passes will be available on May 1 at 7pm ET.


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