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New features for Elemental: Fallen Enchantress beta 3

by: Travis -
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Stardock has announced that the upcoming turn-based strategy game Elemental: Fallen Enchantress will soon be receiving new changes and improvements in its beta 3 release. The list of major changes in the new beta version include:
  • Faction differentiation - Each faction plays significantly differently from each other.  They gain unique weapons, armor, items, spells and units as well as innate traits and abilities.  The Wraiths of Resoln have less hit points than other races, but heal each time they kill an opponent.  The Ironeers of Gilden can design and construct powerful Iron Golem units.  Tarth's bonuses when in small armies and the ability to move through any terrain without being slowed makes them perfect for small guerilla attacks.
  • Over 20 new spells with bigger effects - Curse removes all of the victims defense for 3 turns.  Silence makes the victim unable to cast spells.  Call a Tidal Wave to destroy enemies that are close to the ocean or use Death Lash to empower your units until the battle ends, at which point they are killed.
  • Improved tactical combat - All swords provide the unit the ability to counterattack, all axes give backswing (if it misses the unit gets a second attack to hit the victim).  Spear pierce armor and make the wielder immune to counter attacks.  Hammers are big and slow, but they do a lot of damage.  Monsters have been given a wide variety of abilities, strengths and weaknesses that players need to take advantage of to defeat them.
The developers state that with a strong base game they can now focus on having fun by adding more loot, weapons, champion abilities, and quest rewards. A complete log of all the changes can be found on the game's official forums. Elemental: Fallen Enchantress will launch this summer and be free to anyone that purchased Elemental: War of Magic in 2010. Gamers that bought War of Magic outside of 2010 will also receive a discount by purchasing Fallen Enchantress through the Stardock store.