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News Roundup: Dark Age of Space Cowboys

by: Randy -
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MMORPG.com busted out the gate today with loads of content.  Also, thank you, Atomic Gamer, Legit Reviews, and Apolyton Civilization Site for today's News Roundup.

Trailers, Screenshots
  • Atomic Gamer beat MMORPG.com to the punch, putting up new artwork and screenies for Warhammer Online and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. [AG]
  • ArchLord is in final beta, and here are some screens to keep your interest piqued.
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea chew up some more scenery with eight exclusive screenshots. You can also read up on their progress in this developer journal.  [MMO]
Reviews, Interviews, Editorials
  • Legit Reviews heads into the Fall IDF (Intel Developer Forum) 2006 and reports on the Quad-Core Kentsfield system. [LR]
  • Jack Emmert of Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes) is interviewed by MMORPG.com.
  • Keith Sarasin sharpens his editorial blade and looks at PvP (Player vs. Player) combat. [MMO]
  • Jason Park from Space Cowboy Online saddles up to a Q&A roundup. [MMO]
  • Dan Fortier and Garret Fuller spar over differing fighting styles in MMO combat. [MMO]
  • Here's the eleventh round of EverQuest II Q&A.  I think I'd be running out of questions by now. [MMO]
  • The MMO phenom Guild Wars Factions is reviewed.  See how it holds up to MMORPG.com's nobody-gets-an-A-grade scoring system.
  • Matt Kidder from Dark Age of Camelot sits at the Round Table for a round robin discussion. [MMO]
  • The good, the bad, and the modified.  Hasani Davis affirms his stance on player mods in this editorial. [MMO]
  • MMO development in a box.  An interview with HeroEngine and BigWorld come out of the AGC. [MMO]
  • Here's the first of a two-part interview with David Bowman and Kelly Heckman of X-Horizons. [MMO]
  • And one more interview out of the AGC with Nathan Richardsson, Senior Producer at CCP, makers of EVE Online. [MMO]
  • Apolyton Civilization Site, those constant makers of behind-the-scenes footage, release the third in a ten-part series entitled "Three Men and a Victory."  Some big dogs from Firaxis face off in a multiplayer tournament as the ApolyCon 06 crowd watches. [ACS]